It’s been a tough few weeks, to say the least. We kicked off the month on a high note with Amber (finally) moving into her new home that’s been in the works for a couple of years. Then, we got hit with  of Multiple Sclerosis, or more commonly known as MS. And a week after that, here we all are, in self quarantine due to a global pandemic. The silver lining to all of this, is that we’ve all taken a pause. A very necessary pause to re-evaluate. And for that, we’re grateful. The beauty of being able to reset, spend time with our loved ones, and take care of one another is a true blessing.

Our hearts go out to anyone who is currently fighting this disease and their families — and words cannot express our gratitude to health workers around the world who are on the front lines. We are here to support however we can!

To round up today’s note, we gathered a few things that are getting Amber and our team through a whirlwind March. Join us in the movement to #stayhome, stay present, and stay healthy. Sending love from our family to yours!

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